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BreathWork is similar, and yet different, from hypnotherapy. Both processes are more beneficial than typical forms of talk therapy as they bring people quickly to deeper levels of healing. Both processes are tremendously powerful. Breathwork, however, uses the breath to move a person through the process of healing. The Breath is symbolic of life. The breath connects you to the life force energy quickly and easily and fosters awareness at both the conscious and subconscious levels. The breath is a powerful instrument of healing and change. Yet, most people breathe incorrectly. Some people hold their breath without conscious awareness, which leaves them prone to emotional and physical breakdowns. Most people limit their breath in some form or another, thereby limiting their ability to live life fully.

Breathe deeply and live fully.

The breath represents the elements of giving and receiving. Some people are more comfortable at giving than receiving and this tendency may have its origin in the way in which the person breathes. When a person breathes, they may find it more difficult to either inhale or exhale. The natural breath takes a minimal effort to inhale and the exhale takes care of itself. How you breathe and the degree to which you feel comfortable breathing can say much about your ability to manage and cope with experiences in life. Holding the breath is a tendency to hold things in control. The shortness of breath is cutting you short of life’s experiences and positive emotions. Your personal breathing patterns can reveal much about your ability to take in life. You inhale and take in all that you can in life. You exhale and release that which no longer serves you. Imagine if you held onto everything, every person, and every experience you have had until this point in your life? How would you ever have the room or capacity to take in more? And in fact, if you can only take in so much to begin with, than life is compromised even more.

Breathwork allows you to experience and integrate greater healing of physical, emotional and spiritual issues. The breath allows the body, mind and spirit to heal in ways you cannot consciously imagine. The breath is the natural process of purifying the mind as well as the body. The body tends to become acidic under daily stressors and is at greater risk for illness and dis-ease. Breathwork sessions have been known to change the bio-chemistry of the body from an acidic state to an alkaline state, which decreases vulnerability to illness. Breathwork sessions are miracles in the everyday world. You will see and feel transformation taking place within you, which then begins to manifest in the physical world. Changes occur at all levels, including at the cellular level of a person’s bio-chemistry makeup. Breathwork clients have often commented on the differences they see when looking at themselves in pictures. Transformation looks and feels different. In the weekend programs, breathwork and hypnotherapy are used in conjunction with one another. Together they are an unbeatable team in the process of transformation and healing. BREATHE Life…

Individual hypnotherapy and breathwork sessions are 80 minutes in duration and include an induction of relaxation, emotional release work and a powerful healing process. Music is used to accentuate the experience. The cost is $155 per session and may be partially or entirely reimbursed by your health insurance plan. One session is the equivalent of approximately three months of weekly talk therapy sessions (a savings of $995).

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