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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from a personal growth weekend?

You can expect to experience amazing insights, new friendships, and more meaning in your daily life. I guarantee you will discover something amazing about yourself. And you will have fun doing it!

How many people typically attend a personal growth weekend?

We keep the group small to insure that everyone gains the most from a weekend. Our group size ranges from 8- 12 participants.

What if you are afraid to come to a weekend?

It is common to feel afraid. It is not that you are afraid of coming to the weekend, but that you are afraid of something much greater which has yet to be addressed in your life. For instance, most often people struggle with the fear of rejection, fear of the unknown, or fear that their needs will not be met. You will quickly understand that you avoid a lot of wonderful things in your life as you hold onto these long time fears. In one weekend, you will transform some of these fears and embrace life more fully.

It is expensive. Will my health insurance cover a weekend program?

Some health insurances do reimburse for the weekend programs as you are doing individual and group sessions. Feel free to call our office and ask about your specific health insurance plan.

What if I have special dietary issues?

The kitchen staff at White Eagle always do their best to accommodate individual dietary needs. We have had participants who were dairy free, gluten free, macrobiotic, vegetarian and vegan. Trust us, good food is never an issue at White Eagle!

Will I have a roommate?

Yes, most likely. The only time a person will have an individual room is if our numbers are uneven. However, the roommate experience is one of the experiential processes. You will be experiencing powerful insights from the moment you arrive to a weekend. It is important to have a person in your room to process with, talk with or laugh with as another way of enjoying the weekend. You and your roommate will teach each other something that will allow you to grow in your relationships with others.

Please feel free to email any additional questions to ellenmsw@gmail.com

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