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self improvement workshopsKat

The Light of the Soul is very aptly named. The Program is like sunshine for the Soul! Simply through love, barriers crumble. Like a butterfly we emerge with the beautiful wings of self-confidence and self-love. Through Light of the Soul we become who we were created to be.


Living authentically is our soul purpose. My experience gave me the courage and trust to journey within and heal. Living is so bright now.


The retreats were an enriching experience. It is truly one of the greatest gifts you could ever give yourself. You learn how to experience life with love & joy.You truly do deserve to know and learn to accept all of life's blessings.


Wow! The Enriching your Life workshop has forever changed my life. I finally know what joy really feels like. And, so much abundance has come to me since the workshop! Wow! Thank you. I highly recommend it!

self esteem workshopsBarb

The Enriching your Life workshop was an amazing experience. I read Choosing Joy and loved it, but the workshop allowed me to step right into my dreams as opposed to just reading about it.


Thank you, Ellen, for finally making a meditation CD. I listen to it everyday and it is changing my life!


Ok, I admit it. I didn't think I could do a whole weekend. But it was great! Now, I want to get my wife to go!


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